Common reaction after a Bowen treatment are headaches and this is dues to dehydration.


Water is an essential nutrient required in life.Our muscles are 75% water, the blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; the lungs that provide oxygen are 90% water; the brain that is the control center of the body is 76% water;the bones are 25% water.

To be well hydrated, an adult must consume 2.900ml fluid per day.Solid foods contribute approximately 1.000ml water with an addition of 250ml coming from the water of oxidation.

Tea, coffee, fruit juice and herbal teas don’t count as water. Careful with coffee and tea as it acts as diuretic and leaches even more water from the system.



·        If it is too difficult to consume two liters of water per day try setting yourself a target(e.g starting with 500ml of water per day)


·        Water should be taken is small quantities in order to avoid excessive increase in urination (e.g have small, regular sips over the day)



The lymphatic system is vital to our health and life. It is part of our immune system, provides defense against disease-causing organisms.When the lymphatic system becomes sluggish our tissues become congested, organ function is impaired and our health suffers.

Walking assists the movement of fluids, lymph, around the body. Our blood and lymphatic fluids distribute essential nutrients to the cells and remove metabolic waste and other toxic substances from the cells.Cells can starve and choke on this metabolic waste without good circulation.



On the day of treatment do not sit down more then half of an hour, assisting with the movement of fluid and lymph around the body.You need not going far, just stand and walk around for a few seconds.This prevents the soreness and stiffness in the body.



The recommended period between treatments is five to ten days. The optimal period is seven days.The pause in between days is in order to give the body enough time to repair itself.




·        In case of re-injury you can immediately return for treatment, you do not have to wait for seven days.

·        In pregnancy, terminal illness, brain damage Bowen Therapy can be used every day if necessary.





Mixing Bowen with other therapies:


The treatment is in effect, asking the body to undertake, a process of repair and so should be allowed to do so without interruption or contradiction.


Bowen can not be mixed with other energetic therapies(Reiki, Ultra sound, Magnetic therapy, Spiritual healing, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, etc),those therapies will disturb the delicate balance and will not give a chance the body to heal itself.


The Bowen Technique goes well with Homeopathy, Bach/Bush Flower Essences, Dietary/Nutritional Therapy and Exercise programs (Pilates, Yoga and Fitness).