"My son suffers of Congenital Hydrocephalus(CSF), Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC),Brachial plexus paresis of the right arm,Crossed eyes,Talipes equinovarus (clubfoot),Platfus(flat feet),speech problems(at 4 years and a half Stefan doesn't speak just says a couple of onomatopoeia),day and night wetting.

In my position as mother to Stefan, 4 years and a half old, I can truly say that Bowen changed my son’s behavior and mental state in the last 3 weeks.

After his first Bowen session given by Raluca my son had three days where I couldn’t reason with him, he went from being very angry, tired to agitated and naughty. From the forth day his behavior started changing. He calmed down, his anger attacks were occasional, he started having more initiative, asking for things rather then shout. Basically he started communicating with me.

After his second session I saw a change in his mental state. Stefan was more confident in everything he was doing. His actions had a purpose now; he was planning his games and moves rather then doing it chaotically. His concentration improved.

After the third session his sleep pattern got better, also his appetite increased. Two days after his session I noticed that his fine hand mobility improved, he can actually put books together without having to get annoyed at it.

After 4 years and a half having used the nappy day and night, we started taking it off and Stefan uses more the loo nowadays. He actually gets annoyed at the thought of even seeing nappies.

After having the Bowen experience in my son’s life I can honestly say that I have seen changes and improvement with my own eyes. Raluca was very patient with Stefan and knew how to work with him in such a fantastic way, I was impressed and happy to see that Stefan got attached to her very fast and cooperated and responded well to everything she did for him, usually he is very sceptical when he meets somebody for the first time.
Bottom line Bowen Technique improved a lot Stefan’s way of living and mine as well. I would recommend Raluca to any person that is going to a difficult time with their child as I did.   Thank you."



“I was suffering from a very painful knee. I was concern that I had done some damage to my knee and that I may need surgery. I was struggling to put any weight through the leg.

After first session I was amazed at the effect that the treatment had had on me. In three days my knee pain had completely disappeared. I was able to walk normally and stand on the leg again normally.


I have been convinced that The Bowen Technique played a part in the repair of my knee. I have not needed to go to the doctor since and I would certainly make use of the treatment again if I had any further problems.”

Tim N,Solihull

“I found that after some of the movements Raluca applied, I switched off and was able to distress, stop my thoughts, achieving a free and floating sensation.

Overall the technique had far of an effect on me than I ever thought it would.”

Liz N,Solihull

"A big thank you for relieving the pain I have been feeling in my neck and wrist.
The Bowen Technique and the way that you treated me has completely cured the discomfort in my wrist and the movement in my neck is 90% better.  Maybe another session would just finish the last 10%.

I have found it an enormously relaxing experience and I look forward to your next visit. You coming to the house makes it very easy and personal.
 It would be good if we could arrange another appointment in the next week or so."
Sue D, Knowle

"I was very concerned and scared as this was my first pregnancy. Painful back aches, horrible rash on the whole tummy and sickness most of the time, they where few of the major things I had to go through pregnancy. I was very surprised as how Bowen helped me. Raluca was so kind and delicate and made me feel so relaxed. During the sessions I managed to understand my body, be patient and grow with my baby.
My first Bowen session was fantastic and that night was the first time I had my best sleep and I have to say, ever since I haven’t had any problems getting my rest.
I felt energized, freer and so light, all sickness was gone. After 3 days of having the Bowen session my rash was gone as well.

When I heard about Bowen I thought to myself “It sounds crazy” but I am very happy that I gave it a shot, as I am more then pleased with the results and if I was to have my second baby, Raluca would be the first person I would call.
I just had my baby, she is a healthy, happy baby and the most beautiful thing I could ask for."

Ella A, Birmingham

"I attended several sessions with Raluca to experience Bowen and to see if it would help with a couple of health issues I was concerned about. Firstly I had some digestion problems and was quite sceptical that this would not improve through Bowen. After the first session with Raluca I noticed an improvement in the way I was feeling as well as being more tolerant of certain foods. This continued to improve with each session and I can honestly say it has helped my confidence also as at times the problem affected my lifestyle.
The second issue I had was stiffness and pain in both my knee joints so Raluca also focused on this area during each session. Again, following the first session the pain was gone and has never returned. I may have been wary at first but I would not hesitate to see Raluca again knowing that this treatment has worked wonders. Each session was wonderfully relaxing and Raluca was extremely professional and informative throughout."

Charlie B, Birmingham

"I went to get Bowen treatment from Raluca a few months ago as I had a persistent knee pain which wasn't going away. The pain and discomfort had subsided a week after the first treatment, and after the third treatment any residual pain and discomfort had gone. I was very impressed with the Bowen treatment I had received as I was able to get back to playing sport."

Stephen N, Solihull